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What’s missing?


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Rung Stephan at Pennceunant Isaf to warn him that we’ll be taking advantage of his most generous hospitality – and bara brith –  again tomorrow. He told me that the weather is perfect their today.

This year we’ve got groups from Huddersfield, Manchester and the Kili team from Barnsley meeting us there.

The latest weather forecast: Detailed Forecast for Sunday, 13th February, 2011

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Phew, finally caught up. With the lads up a Cairngorm at the weekend a reduced party (Diver Driver, Dr Crowe and Michael) took to the crags on Mother Pule. A first proper Monday night out, the longest day and a beautiful evening.

First up Flying Buttress, it still needs a minimum of 3 pieces of gear in the vertical crack, a bit of faith onto the ledge and some awkwardness to feel around the horizontal bulges but the handholds are as good as ever.

Fraser led a corner (next to the hideous green scoop) with aplomb and to round off Dr Crowe had a go at Square Buttress. The first go ended with a Dr Ali-like lunge for the main break. It was followed by a Dr Ali-like pendulum across the face. All the year’s experience came into play – if at first you don’t succeed then light a cheroot and have another go, and so it went, with bats flying around and a curlew and an owl calling at opposite ends of the hill. Dusk came and we went to the pub. Marvellous.

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skye cuillin

The chaps went to Skye and made a fine weekend of it. I’ve pilfered these photos off facebook so the others can see ’em too and hoping someone does a write up.

Photos on Flickr

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A walk in the snow around Deer Hill and Wessenden on a perfect day. Pity I forgot to put the memory card in my camera and had to use my mobile phone to take pictures. I had lunch in a cozy hole that I dug in the snow, overlooking the village, on the top of Deer Hill. Then I walk around the top to the Wessenden Valley where people were snowboarding down Butterly Dam. One person even had a ski lift set up.

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Shooters Nab

The BMC have organised access on Friday evenings and hopefully for 8 to 10 weekends in 2010: click here for the BMC website

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