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a bit late but…

Looking stylish in 2008

Just cleaning my pc up and found the results for the 2009 Ravenstones Brow Fell Race. This led to me digging out the results for the 2008 race and comparing my times, something which I have been meaning to do since May.

They are:

  • 2009: 1.36.13
  • 2008: 1:34:30

Flying in 2009

By May of 2008 I had been training since December 2007 for our attempt on the Welsh 3000s in June and the Ravenstones Brow Fell Race (my first ever actual race) was part of that training. A red-hot day, the race was a difficult slog, I still remember the dehydration and my pulse trying to break through my temples. In 2009 I had done very little training and was barely able to complete the race, at one point – at the top of the brow – even planning an early retirement and scoping out escape routes. My initial tactic of gaining a fast start and holding my position fell apart on the ascent of Ravenstones Brow where I completely ran out of steam. I’m surprised that my time in 2009 is only 1 minute and 47 seconds slower than 2008 when it felt like about half an hour.

Next year I might try my 2009 tactic with my 2008 fitness.

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